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ArtCurial – Paris – 2009

Nov 03, 2010 Comments Off

Crâne, ArtCurial, Paris


Artcurial is the foremost French auction house.[1] It brings together 3 auctioneers: Maître Francis Briest, Maître Hervé Poulain and Maître François Tajan. It is independent, and not quoted on the stock market. Among its shareholders are the Dassault Group, with Dassault Aviation and Socpresse, as well as Michel Pastor with the Centre Immobilier Pastor in Monaco and John Taylor Immobilier. The premises offer a 2,000m² area, devoted to the exhibition of the objects for sale. Like the sales, the exhibitions and facilities (gallery, bookshop and restaurant) are open to the public free of charge. A virtual gallery was also opened in 2000.[4]The company has a library of 18,000 modern volumes relating to the art of the 20th century[5].

During the summer of 2010 until 26th October, the ArtCurial gallery held an exceptional exhibition of Philippe Pasqua’s works. In the courtyard of the Hôtel Marcel Dassault, the artist exhibited a monumental skull sculpted from a block of Carrara marble, shown to the public for the first time. In the Galerie space, Pasqua offered an interactive display, where the visitor could enter into his compositions and discover the work of this multi-media artist, who uses the resources of both painting and sculpture.

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