Mea Culpa Exhibition

An inaugural exhibition that brings to light the major, hitherto-unseen works of Philippe Pasqua.

“Like Bacon or Freud before him, whose stubborn work of destruction/reconstruction of the real world he has often contemplated, Philippe Pasqua once again brings us the essential strangeness of the world and the human figure” (Michel Waldberg, Philippe Pasqua, Éditions de la Différence, 2005)

Philippe Pasqua has been painting bodies and faces in an almost compulsive manner for more than twenty years. Those who, like Pierre Restany, knew him in the early days were immediately struck by the physical and emotional power emanating from his canvases. These are very large, sometimes reaching five or six metres in length or height.

“When Philippe Pasqua’s work is examined retrospectively, one cannot help being struck by the inescapable and coherent nature of the path that brought him to his most recent works”, explains the art critic, David Rosenberg.

MEA CULPA resonates both as a bitter vow and a profession of faith. It is an expression of the passion felt by the artist for the human figure and for the substance of paint, the lines of drawings, and the density of sculpture.

Beyond the exhibition of images, MEA CULPA is also an interrogation, a visceral question about the means and challenges involved in representing the face and body today. Handicaps, differences, the obscene or the sacred – this is the fruit of a struggle, a tension between what can be shown and ‘tolerated’ and what is socially repressed or concealed.

Portraits of the blind, violent bodies, vanities: a recent set of nearly fifty paintings, works on paper, and monumental sculptures will be shown on this occasion.

End of the exhibition: March 2011, by appointment

The storage
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95310 Saint Ouen l’Aumône
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