February 19 – February 27, 2019

Monnaie de Paris



By Philippe Pasqua

“I hardly ever paint celebrities. I am more inspired by sensitive people, with bitter pasts and faces, harmed by alcohol, drugs, prostitution, diseases… or the complete opposite, kids, due to their carelessness and innocence clearly written on their faces. However, Madonna, with her song “Vogue” is a great match. Ironically, I find it difficult to associate a particular image to Madonna. We have seen changes in her style, haircut, make-up… Over the years, she changed face. Which may be some sort of mask. Therefore, I drew many faces that I erased and due to the transparency of the tracing paper, I redid a face for Madonna in marker. This tracing paper is everything that is hidden behind this mask. I wanted it to be a bit wild: A Vogue cover slightly “hard-living” just like she was during a certain period of her life.”

Artistes à la Une & VOGUE PARIS



From February 19 to 23, 2019 Vogue pays tribute to women at Monnaie de Paris with the Togeth’Her exhibition. On the occasion, 33 artists have been given free rein to come up with their very own Vogue Paris cover to promote their famous and inspiring woman.
From February 19 to 23, 2019 Monnaie de Paris houses the Artistes à la Une, Togeth’Her exhibition-sale with 33 artists designing their very own Vogue Paris cover.



Held to support programs in favor of gender equality and women’s empowerment led by UN Women, the project offers 33 Vogue covers deigned by great artists on sale.

ORLAN, Fabrice Hyber, Philippe Pasqua, Subodh Gupta, these artists played the fame and pay tribute to women who rewrote the codes of their time in portraits worthy of Vogue.

Some artists also paid tribute to political figures: Hom Nguyen immortalized Michelle Obama, ORLAN couldn’t choose between Joséphine Baker & Simone de Beauvoir, Agnès Thurnaueur painted Hannah Arendt, Grayson Perry chose Margaret Thatcher a figure already present in his work displayed at Monnaie de Paris.


Other artists made the best of this exhibition to promote other artists: Pilar Albarracin immortalized Carmen, Philippe Pasqua chose Madonna, Pierre Seinturier, Niki de Saint Phalle and Sunmi Kim selected Frida Kahlo!

Free spirit, Subodh Gupta pays tribute to his wife, Mrs. Gupta.

At the end of the exhibition, works will be put on sale by auction house Christie’s for the Comité ONU Femmes France [France UN Women Committee].